Dec 112012

Great news for Jurassic Park Builder players as the team unveils it’s underwater theme park for Jurassic Park. The Aquatic Park featuring a brand new experience for players to explore the depths of the ocean collecting cool underwater dinosaurs.

Here are some of the dinosaurs that you could find in your Jurassic Park Builder game in the underwater section of the game!

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    I like that the aquatic park feature is finally here, but the problem is I’m still capped out at level 40. There’s no incentive to keep completing all these missions and investing in the game when all of this XP is just thrown away. It makes me want to just collect coins and do nothing (which you guys don’t want because it’s the possibility of missed revenue) until an update comes out which lets me level up. Do you have a timeframe for when more levels will be added?


    why is it so hard to get DNA of the sea creatures, i have sent out 5 expeditions in a row and have not recieved any DNA yet?


    Having some issues with the Aquatic Park. The missions are not showing as completed, even though I have met the requirements. Amber is never forthcoming from the expeditions. Looks like a money pit. Additionally, these bugs may be spilling over into the Island Park, as I just fulfilled a mission to expand the park but got no results. Too bad. I was really liking this game.


    When doing an underwater expedition, if you only set the expedition for one hatch and a new DNA sample comes in another hatch, you are given an opportunity to still buy that DNA sample for 99 Dino dollars. If you decline to buy, is that your only chance to buy that sample or will it reappear in another expedition?


    A great game and we loved to play it. But it makes me angry that the Performance on the iPad 1 is terrible – always shut downs, even after restart the iPad or delete all other running processes. It’s unplayable. The other point is the imbalance between costs and earns. The Harbors are to expensive, the Dinosaurs to hungry, the coins that we earning every hour insufficient.


    Have any of you used tapjoy because there are some great free offers on there and I have managed to get 7 sea creatures with speeding up expeditions, it’s a brilliant game though and I haven’t had to spend a penny on it


    Same. I sent at least 8 expedition teams and got nothing. Park was also expanded but the mission wouldn’t update. It definitely needs to be patched.


    Why does it cost so much money to evolve!!!!


    Got 4 underwater Dino’s right away. Haven’t seen another in weeks unless I send real money no incentive to continue playing. It use to be a fun game


    Why my neighbors have a megalodon?


    Why my neighbors have a megalodon?…


    Love this game concept, wish it would play for more than 2 minutes with out crashing my zte warp. Please fix this problem.


    Will there be a megalodon?!!?!???


    I already sent 22 expeditions, wich means 110 bucks, and haven´t found any samples. I´m wondering if something wrong!


    Love this game maxed out building in both under water and land with money makers making mad money able to get active volcanos in two day ;) almost level 40 next step after I get those volcanos is to max out my Dino’s very fun and rewarding game still waiting to get that last Dino in underwater doubt I ever will oh well still love playing keep up the good work let go to the moon for the next level!!!!!


    I was excited when i found out about the underwater park opening, when i first opened it, it seemed very promising with a small cool collection of underwater buildings and decorations. So i set out to build my park knowing that the harder i worked at it the sooner i could get new challenges, own loads of new buildings and recieve the opportunity to buy stunning new decorations.
    A couple of weeks later and i have every dinosaur on your list, no new challenges are coming up and the lists of buildings and decorations have not changed at all. Why does it seem like this game isnt even half the game the first jurassic park was ? Did they just release the game early because of public demand ? Even though after playing the first section they new everyone would be dissappointed with it ?

    So far i think the underwater section is a bit like a chocolate fire guard. Its pretty to look at for all of five minutes before you realise just how useless it is


    I’m having a problem where I send out a expedition and it never comes back with any DNA and must have sent it out at least 40 times


    I agree with all the comments. In level 40 and game starts to lose its interest. It does not play on Ipad 1. And I have sent 40 expeditions and still no DNA. Gets a bit tiring…


    I can’t access the underwater park at all. Every time I try it comes up with a message saying ‘Park access failed…’ then crashes the game and restarts it. Am I the only one? I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling but that has done nothing. Running this on an iPhone 5. please help


      i have same problem i cant fix it if u now plz send massge to facebook my name on face is (ali elroman) i am from iraq plz help me


    i can’t access the underwater park . same story as Ben. i am running on an ipod touch.


    i was at level 40, then the game dropped me back to zero and told me i had to reach level 10 and take the tutorial before i could access the underwater park. they also took all my coins i had over 20 million, this was one of my favorite games, now not so much.


    Why do u have to buy every aquatic dinosaur for 99 bucks why just buy it with money
    Like the land dinosaurs


    I have sent out a ton of expeditions too and no dna…


    I have also had issues with the Aquatic Park. I had a mission that required an expansion, but it did not show up as completed after I expanded the park. Then got another mission that also required expansion.. So I decided to expand again. But, it did not show up as completed on either mission, AGAIN.


    more than 50 underwater expeditions, more than 5 cleared area, and no DNA sample found. i’m quitting this game.


    can you still evolve the dino’s after level 30 in the land park? I read somewhere that you could not do it and we are already on level 29 now.


    Used to enjoy the game, farther along I get the more aggrevated I get, now I know why all my friends dropped it. Evolving Dino’s fails at least 30 times before completion, underwater park ran out of missions quickly, expeditions come back empty no matter how much land I clear. The new park was supposed to add excitement but was a huge letdown. I really hope the game creators make some changes to engage their audience again, I hate to see this go.


    I LOVE the aquatic park. But I can’t get on it anymore!!! That update takes too much time. Still not ready. And I can’t get enough money to buy the henodus! Too much money. Most importantly, when will the update be done!?!?!?!?!?


    What is the new aquatic dinosaur


    Friggin game has real issues. Now I can’t even play. It gets to the log on screen then just crashes. Playing on iPhone 5. Used to love this game. Now it’s a pain in the ass.y daughter also has many issues acting on her iPhone.


    I am a level 10 and have completed the tutorial. But whenever I click on the underwater park I get a message saying park access failed. Can somebody help me?


    Kyle, be patient on water park, you may have to be on higher level.


    I too have never been able to access the water park on my iPhone 5. It crashes after telling me that the park access falled. I’m about ready to drop this game.


    I also can’t access my underwater feature wtf I love this game


    Hey jurassic park builder creators, here’s a question for you. Why can’t you buy the “bucks” with the coins you collect?? Why allow the opposite, but not let us spend the millions of coins we get to buy bucks so we could all the dinosaurs and DNA we need to keep us going and keep us interested?


    The latest update just happened last week. Are there any crustaceavores in the newest sea creatures?


    I can’t access the underwater park at all. Every time I try it comes up with a message saying ‘Park access failed…’ then crashes the game and restarts it. Am I the only one? I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling but that has done nothing. Running this on an iPhone 5. please help


    I can not access the water park. Immediately after tapping it I am prompted with “can not access water park” and makes me quit the app. It’s really annoying. Like, really, crazy annoying. I’ve tried simply restarting the app but that obviously didnt work. I even uninstalled the app followed by a reinstall and of course that didn’t make a difference either. I’m annoyed and peaved and tired of hoping that it will magically work some day. I’m not sure my heart can take such disappointment as this.


    Does anyone know how long the app will be under maintenance for? Just tried to play itand I cant acsess it and this message keeps popping up “We are currently undet maintenence, we will be back shortly thank you for your patients”?


    How do I send out an expedition?


    paano ba mag download ng jurassic park builder not in underwater may bayad ba pag mag dodownload ako…..???/? plz plz :)


    I can’t get in to the aquatic park and im in level 27


      I too am running this on the iPhone 5. I’m level 27 and still have never been able to access the water park. I’m ready just to uninstall the game and pass the word to not download this game.


    After Monday will the carnotaurus still be available?


    Has anyone been able to figure out the issue with accessing the aquatic park? I am having the same issues of getting the prompt “Failed to Access Park” and then the game crashing and restarting. Running on iPhone 5, please leave a comment at least if you are having the same issues as me!


    Same issue as bryan, running on an ipad 4, water park access failed


    Do you keep the DNA sample if you are working on, if you collect another one in a expidition team on the underwater park


    Same Park access failure issue.. please fix this. Or will soon be uninstalled


    Same issue with under water park not opening and using note 10.1


    I can’t get to the underwater park at all. I get denied access… how do I get in


    I used to love this game, but all the frustrations with aquatic DNA is driving me up the wall. My boyfriend is level 48 and has 22 underwater dinosaurs with about 7 limited edition ones.
    I, on the other hand, at level 38, sit here with half that number of dinosaurs, send out god knows how many expeditions and get bugger all back. I only ever got one limited edition dino, despite spending cash on getting more pods. It seems to be whenever I send free expeditions, I find DNA in the other pods, but when I spend money on 3, I get money or xp or food.

    Why does he get ALL the dinosaurs and I sit here with hardly anything? It’s really unfair. Does it have something to do with my level? The missions I need to complete? Or is it just luck?


    This is BS!!!. There are over 20 comments above getting the same issue “Park Access Failed”. I can access aquatic but not glacier. I/m in the same boat. I give one week for this to get fixed or i/m done. FYI, I/m a very big spender in this game. So unless you want to lose all chances of me spending hundreds more on any more of your game, you might want to fix this stupid issue or tell us what we’re doing wrong.


    I dont think the creator sincere enough to give out dna. Understood you do it for biz but thats too much. We send out full pack of expedition but all came back with rubbish!

    When i send out one, it will came back with dna but i must spend 99 bucks to get it.

    If you gonna do like this, why don’t you just simply grab the gun, knock my door and rob me?


    On the quest where u need 2 stars with crustacevores….. I’m not getting credit after evolving these.

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