The Tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Park Builder is a meat eating Dinosaur that can be purchased from the market after you have obtained its Amber through clearing the fields in your Jurassic Park game.

 Jurassic Park Builder - Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur

Release Date: Original
Buying Price: 490
Selling Price: 192,000
Feed Type: Meat
Egg Wait Time: 24:11:59
Research Cost:17,200
Egg Wait Time #1: 24:11:59
Research Cost: 19,150
Egg Wait Time #2:  24:11:59

“”Tyrant lizard” is the meaning of the name Tyrannosaurus.” - Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Information
Evolution 1 Completed Message: One of the largest meat eating dinosaurs that ever existed was the Tyrannosaurus.
Evolution 2 Completed Message: 60 teeth, with some the size of a banana, filled the 4 foot-long mouth of the Tyrannosaurus.

Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Evolution

The Tyrannosaurus is a dinosaur found in the game Jurassic Park Builder and has special evolution stages that makes this dinosaur an interesting addition to your Jurassic Park Builder game.

Like all dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder, you must get the Amber of the specific dinosaur then research it to unlock the dinosaur into your market. To get Amber, you must clear the forests and stones in your game for a chance to harvest these precise fossils.

Once you have purchased the Tyrannosaurus into your Jurassic Park, he will begin at evolution 1 as a baby. As you feed your dinosaur with crop or meat the dinosaur will grow. He evolves at level 5 into an adult to his form or evolution 1. Once this evolution reaches its maximum at level 10 he will be able to evolve into his evolution #2 through researching.

Once he evolves into his evolution #2 in the research center, he will become a baby again. Upon doing this you must feed him once again until level 15 where he will evolve into his adult form. After reaching level 20 you will be able to research and evolve your dinosaur again at level 20 where he will evolve into his last form or evolution.

After his evolution at level 20 he will become a baby again but in an entirely new form with a new coloring and much more earning compared to the previous. He will evolve once again at level 25 into his evolution 3 form.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Earnings Chart

Level Earnings Level Earnings Level Earnings
1  5100/4 Hours 11  10375 21  15650
2  5626 12  10901 22  16181
3  6156 13  11432 23  16707
4  6683 14  11958 24  17233
5  7209 15  12484 25  17760
6  7739 16  13015 26
7  8265 17  13541 27
8  8792 18  14067 28
9  9318 19  14598 29
10  9849 20  15124 30

 Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Food Chart

Level Level Level
1  500 11  3775 21  7051
2  827 12  4103 22  7379
3  1156 13  4431 23  7706
4  1482 14  4758 24  8034
5  1810 15  5086 25  8362
6  2137 16  5413 26
7  2465 17  5741 27
8  2793 18  6068 28
9  3120 19  6396 29
10 20 30

Jurassic Park Builder: Tyrannosaurus Evolution Chart

 Baby Adult
Jurassic Park Builder - Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur
 Evolution #2  
 Evolution #3  

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    How does a digital dinosaur cost $40 real world dollars. They would sell thousands more if it was only 99c or so and I believe it would generate more money than the 100 or so that will pay that price. I can buy a full game for that price. What a joke, only an idiot would pay that.


    i agree with U


    I agree with Bozz. Since T-Rex is the most famous dino, we want to have one, but we never pay for only a digital dino. If the developers want to increased the rating of the app, just make T-rex available in coins. What a joke, having a jurassic park but not having T-Rex…. Jurassic Park = T-Rex


    i agree 100% it needs to be available. it os the most popular dinosaur and 8t will still make money cuz u are gona have to have a high amount of coins to do it… since the t-rex is only available by cash no one will spend that kind of cash..makes sense so do it


    This sucks


    Joke about the price


    Yes COINS for Rex, This SUCKS


    Kidding me right? T rex is the most famous dino, a park without a t rex sucks, make it available for coins or at least 70% less bucks


    My 5 year old who plays this game and loves it does not understand why he can’t have a t-Rex… This game will lose people’s interest when they realise that you can get the prize of all dinos. The quick buck of $40 compared to the little purchases which add up more over time… Hmmm which is better? Continuation of m,ongoing small money over years of a few small amounts of num nuts buying which will die in the arse in the next year or so????


    Infatti che parco e’ se manca diciamo il piu’ bello di tutti i dinosauri


    why is the the trex lots of buxs


    I am level 23 saved up 400 cash. Doing small offers and watching videos. pedict I’ll have the t-rex in a week. Already got the brontasoraus and the bird one. Free.


    Is there any update soon making the t-Rex a coin dinosaur? I hate how u have to use the bucks to get my favorite dino


    Love the game. Dont like wasting my hard earned money on a crappy digit dino.

    Make it worth coins. Weird how I can get SPINOSAURUS, king of JP3, and not a darn t-rex. But i guess in this world, nothing is free.


    i agree with everyone up there ive been workin my butt off tryin to research how to get a T-Rex and wen it appeared i looked and it was 490! i think they should lower the price


    Come on man, $40 Dollars for the T-Rex? I just bought the new Tomb Raider on my PS3 for less on amazon.
    Lower the damn prices of some dinosaurs. Especially the T-Rex. I don’t mind paying 1000000 coins and wait 4 days for a dino egg to hatch, but this is just greedy and ridiculous!


    Lol, is this for real? Absolutely ridiculous, I have enjoyed playing this game but am becoming appalled at the prices the developers have set on some of these. At first some of them weren’t a big deal – 7 Game Cash, heck even 33 Game Cash. But I recently saw the price of the Stegosaurus was set at 240 Game Cash, and now I’m reading that if I want to un-lock the only reason I’m playing this game is to spend 40$..I think I might just delete this iPhone app and quit wasting my time. I hope whoever developed this game/had anything to do with the prices reads all of these comments and realizes they are being greedy and outrageous. I would consider paying a maximum of 5$ for something like this..but 22$, and 40$? Come on. Heads out of arse.


    This is BS Cause in all 3 JPks The Trex was pretty much the highlight of the movies and I am so Upset that I can’t get it for coins these are this is the best game its just


    Wow. $40 for a digital T-Rex. Do you realise I can buy an entirely new game with that money? I mean how could you make a Jurassic Park simulator without a T-Rex? He’s the star of the entire franchise.


    I agree so much! We should either get bucks for less money or get unlimited access to all the different dinosaurs. I know that Facebook can get us more bucks, but its never enough. Please let us get more bucks! :(


    games garbage, it was fun now its plain stupid.


    my son is 6 years old, he loves t-rex so much, he sleeps with his fav t-rex doll every night.
    when i showed him my JPB, he asked me where the t-rex is, i showed him the “carcharodontosaurus” , he knew it’s not the T-Rex, so i explained him the truth and said, “I cannot afford to purchase it, son.. it’s way too expensive, let’s go get a 20 bucks (real) t-rex toy instead”


    I agree that T-Rex should be for coins – maybe for LOTS of coins, I mean millions – but NOT for so much bucks. Maybe with some reasonable price as Stegosaurus is, but this…. I can’t afford this and with free bucks it would take a year or so to save 500 or how much does he cost. At least I have my 2nd favorite and that’s Spinosaurus.


    Have you noticed the t-Rex hasn’t even at least been on a discount.


    Jurassic park builder is an epic game but when it comes to the famous T. rex the price is ridiculous if u dropped the price to 250,000 or 300,000 coins more players will be happy about the game, better ratings for your company, and if you do this request , most of my fellow jurassic park builder players will be more happy about the game and people won’t leave negative comments about this awesome game.

    Thank you, Carlos


    I got the trex or only 200 bucks Christmas deal kinda sucks you have to pay that much i only payed 5 bucks


    Should the T. rex be better as 100 bucks ,20 or 50 it’s like lots of people whant the T. rex so much and ho ever made Jurassic park builder they should lower it more down or Chang it to coins


    When does the tyrannosaurus go on sale? I heard a rumour it had 50% off soon? Is it true?


    pleas trex for free


    t.rex rules but need a better price on realy 490!BUCKS COME ON at least for free.


    You should be able to purchase t-rex for 500,000 coins, seriously wdf is 490??

    Like seriously who wants to pay $40 for one digital dinosaur?

    It would make more sense if it was 10 dinos in 1 bundle for $40

    490 is a total rip off.


    Coins fot T-Rex !!!!! He’s to expensive !!!!!


    T-Rex is not available by discovering amber……Dino Bucks only
    Please change the description on how to get him. Second, evolving from hatch to 4 stars cost me well over 4 million gold coins. Same with the Carnotaurus…. Dino bucks only.

    Here’s a fair suggestion: for those of us who have spent more money on this game than an Xbox, award us with many Dino bucks.

    I am level 65, there are no more missions. Limited Animals for all 3 parks should be given to those who have either missed the opportunity or spent 600 plus Dino bucks to not get any limited animals. Full glacier animals and decos were locked whenI reached level 61. Now availability is open for everyone.
    I paid over 400 Dino bucks and no sea scorpion. The moment my Dino bucks were spent, Dna was available. I have yet to see a park that hails in comparison to mine. By viewing my park any person can see that I spent a lot. Ludia can send gifts. Please send me the DNA of all limited Animals. I have spent enough to deserve some customer satisfaction. I suppose I could download the hack tool for the park, but I didn’t want to cheat to get all the animals, buildings or decorations. I understand that this game is all about getting people to spend money, however a good business does give faithful customers extra perks. Please give all of us level 65ers and big spenders a reason to not throw this game out the door and call our large purchases a wash. By giving dedicated players a large digital gift, we might spend more money, invite more friends and recruit more customers to this game.


    4 star T-Rex resale value $192,000
    No amber to find Rex as stated above
    Incorrect evolution prices

    Give us level 65ers a Dino-bucks bonus. No more level ups. No more missions
    It sucks to spend 700 Dino-bucks for underwater explorations that do not produce DNA until you are out of money.

    Good customer service does require extras for big spenders.
    It is time for Ludia to send free DNA samples to those of us who have spent more money than a PS-3.
    This game will lose loyal customers if they don’t give freebees. Quit sending me meat for my carnivores, they are all 4 stars.

    I guess the next step is JP hack tool, but that would be cheating.


      Great input Brian, I’m level 58 and feel much the same. I’ve spent some money to get limited dinosaurs, and done a load of tapjoy offers. I almost have enough for T. rex, it’s currently 450 bucks, what I want to know is have you ever seen it on offer? I haven’t yet and have been playing for 5 months or so, though I read someone got it on offer last Christmas. Do you think I should wait? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    Want a t rex :( its on the bloomin cover fcol


    I agree with every one trex has been in all the jp and I dont think that is fair to not have a trex in jpb who would by a 40 -50$ on a digital dinosaur when u could buy somthing that would last longer like a new game or somthing for your children I think they should make it coins since we can get the spinosaurus witch is the ruler of isla nublar site b of jurassic park and I think it is BS that it in not for coins the trex is the king it was to believed to be the biggest carnivor that ever lived so we should have our own trex right in our jpb they should really make an update so we can have a trex for coins or for free on anrversitys or on special acasions like holidays or u can enter your birth date and when it is your b day u get sonthing free that is wat I am thinking they should do.


    I have the T-rex, i did it with some free offers.. but even the most free offers arent free?
    lower the price of some research and buildings.. you would get more ppl on jurassic park builder!


    Does anyone even know a working hack for this game I’m not paying almost £30 for a god dam T. rex I’ve looked at 100s of hacks but all I keep getting is fill out a servey or put a password in etc nothing even if they sold this T. rex at 99p or 99c etc they would generate enough sales for the Dino unlike paying almost £30


    I think if you dont buy anything you dont required with that bucks you will get you trex…. it about patient


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