The Pteranodon in Jurassic Park Builder is a meat eating Dinosaur that can be purchased from the market after you have obtained its Amber through clearing the fields in your Jurassic Park game.

Jurassic Park Builder - Pteranodon Dinosaur

Release Date: Original
Buying Price: 200
Selling Price: 100
Feed Type: Meat
Research #1 Cost:1250
Egg Wait Time #1: 1:15:00
Research #2 Cost: ??
Egg Wait Time #2:  ??

“The Pteranodon’s wingspan was over 23 feetwide, which is wider than a badinton court!” - Jurassic Park Builder: Pteranodon Information

 Jurassic Park Builder: Pteranodon Evolution

The Pteranodon is a dinosaur found in the game Jurassic Park Builder and has special evolution stages that makes this dinosaur an interesting addition to your Jurassic Park Builder game.

Like all dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder, you must get the Amber of the specific dinosaur then research it to unlock the dinosaur into your market. To get Amber, you must clear the forests and stones in your game for a chance to harvest these precise fossils.

Once you have purchased the Pteranodon into your Jurassic Park, he will begin at evolution 1 as a baby. As you feed your dinosaur with crop or meat the dinosaur will grow. He evolves at level 5 into an adult to his form or evolution 1. Once this evolution reaches its maximum at level 10 he will be able to evolve into his evolution #2 through researching.

Once he evolves into his evolution #2 in the research center, he will become a baby again. Upon doing this you must feed him once again until level 15 where he will evolve into his adult form. After reaching level 20 you will be able to research and evolve your dinosaur again at level 20 where he will evolve into his last form or evolution.

After his evolution at level 20 he will become a baby again but in an entirely new form with a new coloring and much more earning compared to the previous. He will evolve once again at level 25 into his evolution 3 form.

 Jurassic Park Builder: Pteranodon Earnings Chart

Level Earnings Level Earnings Level Earnings
1 /Hour 11 3269 21
2 1788 12 22
3 1954 13 23
4 2123 14 24
5 2290 15 25
6 2458 16 26
7 2626 17 27
8 2793 18 28
9 2961 19 29
10 3126 20 30

 Jurassic Park Builder: Pteranodon Food Chart

Earning Rate: Per Hour (/hour)

Level Food Level Food Level Food
1  162 11 1223 21
2 268 12 22
3 374 13 23
4 480 14 24
5 568 15 25
6 692 16 26
7 798 17 27
8 904 18 28
9 1011 19 29
10 20 30

Jurassic Park Builder: Pteranodon Evolution Chart


 Baby Adult
   Jurassic Park Builder - Pteranodon Dinosaur
 Evolution #2  
 Evolution #3  

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    The price of this dinosaur is wrong fix it


    Pteranodon is not a dinosaur


    level 25 is 2720 meat to feed and earns 5608/1h


    Level 40 he earns 8100/hr without any decorations…. mine earns 22852/hr on 182% decoration boost he is my baby. Lol


    The pteranodons are by far my best investment with dollars. Up to 189% with decorations. Love em’


    Well it is true that dinosaurs only live on land so you will actualluly call a pteranodon a pterosaur and a pretrodactyl family member basically pteranodon is a fun special addition and you that can’t afford but want it you can actually discover amber of a pterodactylus

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