The Megalania in Jurassic Park Builder is an Ice Age animal found in the Glacier Park section of the game. The animal was released on Oct 22, 2013 and this animal is only available in the Glacier park section of your Jurassic Park Builder game.


The name Megalania means “Giant Roamer” in Greek.
Limited DNA sample Park: Glacier Park
Release Date: Oct 22, 2013 Egg Wait: 179:59:59
Jurassic Park Builder - Megalania
Food & Purchase Cost
Buying Price:  473,350
Selling Price:  236,675
Feed Type: Meat
Research #1 Cost: 30,000
Research #2 Cost: 40,000
Research #3 Cost 50,000


The Megalania is a dinosaur found in the game Jurassic Park Builder and has special evolution stages that makes this dinosaur an interesting addition to your Jurassic Park Builder game.

Like all animals in the Glacier Park in Jurassic Park Builder, you must get the DNA Sample of the specific animal then research it to unlock the animal into your Gacier market.

To get DNA Samples, you must send your helicopters into expeditions to obtain these DNA Samples.

Once you have purchased the Megalania into your Jurassic Park, he will begin at evolution 1 as a baby. As you feed your dinosaur with Meat the dinosaur will grow. He evolves at level 5 into an adult to his form or evolution 1. Once this evolution reaches its maximum at level 10 he will be able to evolve into his evolution #2 through researching.

Once he evolves into his evolution #2 in the research center, he will become a baby again. Upon doing this you must feed him once again until level 15 where he will evolve into his adult form. After reaching level 20 you will be able to research and evolve your animal again at level 20 where he will evolve into his last form or evolution.

After his evolution at level 20 he will become a baby again but in an entirely new form with a new coloring and much more earning compared to the previous. He will evolve once again at level 25 into his evolution 4 forms. Keep doing this until level 40.

Evolution Completed 1
 The Megalania is also known as the Giant Ripper Lizard
Evolution Completed 2
  The Megalania weighted more than 5 times the weight of the largest reptile alive which usually weighs 150 pounds, the Komodo Dragon.
Evolution Completed 3
  The Megalania was the biggest lizard that ever lived on Earth.


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