Dec 152013

The Battle Arena for Jurassic Park Builder has been unleashed to the world of Dino Collectors and now you can train your dinosaurs to battle against other dinosaurs in a 1 on 1 battle for victory!  Battle as your favorite fearsome dinosaur from the Jurassic section of the game with most dinosaurs available and ready to tackle the stages ahead.


To use dinosaurs for battle, simply enter the Battle section of the game. Select the stage you want to battle then select 1-3 dinosaurs into your team for battle. You can have 1 dinosaur, or 3 dinosaurs or even 2 dinosaurs. It’s completely up to you.


There are two different attack for each dinosaurs. You can use the normal or basic attack which will give a basic attack on the enemy or use the “Special” attack. The special attack cost premium currency which can only be used in the battle arena section of the game and is also used for this special  attack.


Select the dinosaur you want to battle with then once in battle select basic attack or special attack. You will also be given the opportunity to block which will cost special currency each time you block.














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  4 Responses to “Jurassic Park Builder Battle Arena Now Open!”


    Just merged my account finally… Played the new dinosaur battles upto level 13 and then dc’d logged back in after getting back Internet connection only to find every single bit of my park reset to 1 god dammed dinosaur and months of waiting and builiding my park gone…
    There is no way I’m going to bother wasting time on this app anymore this bug has ruined it for me… And if you play as a guest DO NOT MERGE ACCOUNT TO FACEBOOK, if you dc it WILL Reset everything. Lvl 29 and a load of dinosaurs in all parks gone.

    Sincerely a pissed off user!!! Gaaaaah so annoyed!




    Dear Jurassic park builder I have a idea for a new park for you. The park could be a probably unlock at lvl 30. It could contain dinosaurs from the beginning of the Devonian period to the end of the carboniferous period. Hope you like the idea and use it.


    why cant l get into my aquatic park its been 3 days now it just cut out and l have to start again l can get in jurassic and l can battle but not get in my aquatic can you help or l will just delete the game and play another game thanks tracey

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