Jul 102013

We have a new park! Bring in the Ice Age with Jurassic Park Builder’s brand new park called the Glacier Park. Giving you the ability  to find DNA samples from Ice Age Animals during their era, now you can create brand new creatures for your game! That’s right! Create a brand new set of historic animals with Jurassic Park Builder in the palm of your hands!

Expand into the Glacier World with this new update and create creatures like the Mammoth, Megistotherium and more! Don’t forget there are brand new decorations just for those players that love decorating their parks. You’ll also have access to brand new buildings for you to build homes for your visitors and friends visiting your parks!

The level cap has also been increased to a higher level. Now you can level yourself to level 60 and get brand new missions to celebrate in all of your parks!


What’s New

Hi, fellow Jurassic Park Builders!

You dreamed of it? Jurassic Park did it!

Come and celebrate the opening of the all-new Glacial Park of your Jurassic Park and enjoy the new following features:
* Brand new creatures are waiting, including the famous Mammoth.
* Embellish your Park with new decoration.
* Multiply your chances of collecting coins with the new buildings.
* Outdo yourself to reach level 60 in the game, and even further.
* Launch into new Land, Aquatic and Polar missions with all of your favorite characters in the Jurassic Park Universe.
*New mission objectives for a more varied adventure.
*Several bugs have been fixed:
o Several performance issues have been fixed.
o Localization bugs fixed.

Thank you for playing Jurassic Park Builder! Please stay tuned in for regular information so you don’t miss any of future improvement to this new section of the park!

The Jurassic Park Builder team.

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  37 Responses to “Glacier Park World for Ice Age Animals!”


    I just updated and now I’m back at level one. I have tried everything and when I open the app through Game Center I’m still at level one :( anyone knows what I can do?


      Using the cheating program on your IOS device and changing the number of bulks


      This happened to me today too, it forced me to update the game, when i did i was back on lvl one from lvl 52!!! Very dissapointed. Please fix it, I’ll check it often but will not start again from lvl 1… Not after 8 months of playing…


      Go to options and change the server. Happened to me. Turns out the new update put me on the European Server while my stuff were on the North American Server. Gl


    I downloaded the update but now my game looks as though it went back in tutorial mode. I am level 32 but it is telling me I need to get to level 10 to access the aquatic park and the glacier park.


      Exactly the same for me! Anyone have a way to solve this?


        I have been playing this game as guest this whole time and im at level 29!!! but i want to put this guest account to my fb account so i did but it brought me to level 1!!!!! plus i spend about 30 dollars! but then i went to switch account so i went to play at guest account but i want this ACCOUNT INTO MY FB ACCOUNT WITHOUT PUTTING ME INTO LEVEL 1! does anyone know how to fix this problem???


    Delete the app from the phone not just the app symbol and redownload. It happened to me too I went the the games website and contacts them and they told me what to do.


    After the update the game won’t even start! I am at level 54 and spent a lot of time and money on this game, please fix it!


      I had the same problem. I turned my phone off, then back on and it started working. Not sure if turning the phone off-on fixed it, but it’s working now.


    I was having same problem as them. Please fixed the problem as soon as possible, I wish to continue to the game.


    I think facebook users have lost parks, and the others who are playing as guest account are facing connection error. when i try to open my game 8 time out of 10 it gives me disconnection error.
    Its good to see Mamoth in game but before releasing any new version don’t you guys test the program?


    I thought I hit reset accidentally when I updated! I’m glad to see that I didn’t do anything wrong but there apparently is a BUG in this new update!!! grrrrrr! I’m getting all the same problems you all have….my husband suggested an iphone restore but I don’t want to do that to factory settings and lose anything…any other suggestions?


    I tried deleting the app and redownloading it on my iPad and the app still won’t open! So frustrating! R they even trying to fix it?


    My missions aren’t updating as I complete tasks


    I updated the game and lost all my dinos in the jaurassic park (main park), is there a way to get my dinos and park back please? 4 months efforts down the drain.


    yea i am also glad i am not the only one. I am level 34 and now i have nothing in my main park. months and months down the damn drain. still have my level and everything else, just not the main park. I had every dino you could get except the ones you had to pay dollars for. and now i have 2 ….yay…they better fix it, i am so upset


    I just thought it would be cool to make another park with prehistoric mammals like Mammoth, Smilodon or Megatherium. And next day: update with glacial park. You’re freaking me out! :)


    After I downloaded the update I cannot even log in. I get “Failed to connect to the server” message


    Also lost all dinosaurs and buildings in main park. Still have dollars and coins but have to rebuild park. This is BS! We spent actual real American dollars to buy the fake money and gold coins to build our park and now I am supposed to spend this money again to rebuild?!?


      Who would actually spend a dime on a free game? For what they charge for virtual currency you could buy a Wii or PS3.




    So wow entire main park gone after 3 months of playing…. woo a fluffy Mammoth, sorry but the trade off was not worth it devs. Your update blows the big one.


    Did the same thing on my iPad and iphone, come on Ludia sort this mes out, its amatureish and unacceptable!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!


    Updated the new park and now there’s only a Failure to Connect to server message every time I try to login. Very frustrated. Any updates coming to fix this problem?


    I updated my Jurassic Park Builder and my phone froze…. I turned it off, and now instead of turning back on I have a black screen and the phone is vibrating every couple minutes (some sort of continuous reboot)…. This is going to cost at least $75 to fix…. Unbelievably pissed off right now, and never using any products by this company from here on. I would hope that they test their fucking products, rather then send everyone software that ends up costing us time and money.


    Just downloaded the update for the glacier park and it turns out my original park has disappeared. The roads all still exist under the trees if I clear the land but all the dinosaurs are gone. My aquatic park works just fine though. So confused right now. Does anyone know how to fix this without losing everything?


    I just downloaded the update for the game and now whenever I try to open the app the app crashes. I even tried to turn my iphone off and on, but nothing seems to fix the problem. I really don’t want to loose my park after playing so long, so can someone fix this problem.


    Reading all these reviews, I dare not update!!! Can’t play but I’m scared I’m going to lose all my progress, I’m about level 46.


    Cant wait to see what other animals they put in glacier park, hopefully the wooly rhino and smilodon


    Updated the game started playing in the new glacier park and suddenly made my tablet shut down now can not even get the game to start on my tablet please fix as i dont want to lose everything after playing for so long.


    i just downloaded the game and wen i found out the ice age i was so excited but wat i think they should do is put andrewsarcus one of my favorite ice age animals


    There should be an update for a before dinosaurs park


    hey…I am maxed at level 60 with no new missions…will there be anymore mission for us to do??


    Lvl 52 and i was forced to update the game, when i did my park was reset!! Please fix this!!! I spent money on this game!! Now its gone, 8 months gone. How can i pay for a product and after have it removed?? Im sure there is a legal breach here. Please try and fix this. I cannot re start my park, to much time, money and effort was put in. How could i be sure i would not spend another 50 and 8 months down the track have it all taken away again. I have deleted and re downloaded soo many times… Not a happy chappy…

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