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Jurassic Park Builder has over amazing Dinosaurs for you to discover and how to do you know what to discover if you can’t see them in the game? Well that’s what our exclusive Dinosaurs list is for! It’s for you to discover amazing dinosaurs and try to build the best and most amazing Jurassic Park ever!
Sea Creatures

Limited Edition

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  97 Responses to “Dinosaurs List”


    What about the yutyrannous or whatever that was


    Guys it’s a great game- But what about some newer/more Dinosaurs?! Maybe the best change you could make is to allow us to ‘CrossBreed’ the Dinos?!!


    Great game but it lags to much.


    When you going to update? Is level 40 as high as it gets?


      Level 60 is the highest at the moment have now ran out of missions on jurassic park – aquatic and glacier need more upgades at the moment there are only five animals on the glacier park christ come on get a move on !!!!!


        I am at 61 and the end is not yet in sight I guess


          Currently the end is at 65. It was 60 before the last update I believe. I’ve had the bar full on 65 for about a week now, and have gotten probably 500k+ xp since I filled the bar. I hope the next update is soon…Also pretty laggy with the map filled with animals/dinos/sea creatures.


    Animals from the ice age has got to be the next step?


    What’s with the “update coming soon” dialogue box when the app boots up? I click ok, but can’t get past it.


    We need more dinosaurs, and someone to fix this problem. After the update my game won’t let me play, it keeps saying update coming… When I already updated


    When is the update going to be done. So I can get back in my park?


    I have a yutyrannus. The largest feathered dino. Cost me 120 bucks.


    I keep clearing land, but I’m not getting anymore amber. Is this a glitch?


    Level 28


    How do you get the Carnotaurus?


    Is there a reason why all the dinosaurs don’t appear in the index? It says 34 on the main page, but less are shown in the index.


    These are some dinosaurs I would really like to see in the game:

    Mamenchisaurus, Ornithomimus, Styracosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Dimetrodon ,Deinosuchus ,Coelophysis, Ornitholestes, Othnielia, Giganotosaurus, Australovenator, Kentrosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Hadrosaurus, Hypsilophodon, Megalosaurus, Microceratus, Nodosaurus, Polacanthus, Muttaburrasaurus, Protoceratops, Archaeopteryx, Arthropleura, Callovosaurus, Deinocheirus, Cearadactylus, Diplodocus, Coelurus, Coelurosauravus, Dimorphodon, Eoraptor, Euoplocephalus, Lambeosaurus, Longisquama, Maiasaura, Lycaenops, Masaikasaurus, Meganeura, Plateosaurus, Oviraptor, Microraptor, Metriacanthosaurus, Mononykus, Mussaurus, Procompsognathus, Proceratosaurus, Staurikosaurus, Stygimoloch, Tapejara, Suchomimus, Therizinosaurus, Utahraptor, Weurhosaurus, and Yangchuanosaurus

    Plesiosaurus, Liopleurodon, Tanystropheus, Hesperornis,Temnodontosaurus, Nothosaurus ,Archelon, Coelocanth, Cymbospondylus, Eurypterids, Placodus, Temnodontosaurus, Cryptoclidus, Hybodus, and Opthalmosaurus


      Good list…. Except Dimetrodon was not actually considered a dinosaur, it became extinct long before the Mesozoic era before the Triassic.


        Who cares. Most of the dinosours from the Jurassic Park movie were from the Cretaceous- not Jurassic, anyway. We just want more dinosours and crap to put into our park =P


          I do agree they need a whole lot more dinos
          I wish I had my books rt now the had over 300 different dinos in them and would be great for this game
          They should make evolving at 1 star level 20 then 2 stars at say level 60 and just go up by 3 times the number so its very unlikely to max the levels out and level up 3 times the 4 star level so a max level at 1620 which would be hard to max by far and you’d get probably more coins out of the dinosaur than going into it


      some of those arent dinosaurs, and archelon is already in the game


    I just got the elasmosaurus and helicoprion,use 20 bucks for DNA expedition


    Love the game. It needs a recycle centre to deal with garbage and waste to add environmental education.


    How can we get a dinosaur from a past limited edition?




    can we play that game on a pc ?


    i have had all the dino’s except for the stego and t rex since level 31 so what is the incentive to keep leveling up??? we need some new dinosaurs…. the missions tell me to expand but with no chance of getting amber why would i keep expanding?>


    Is there anyway to get a dinosaur that was released as a limited time thing?


    Will liopluerdon be added


    They need to seriously rework how much everything costs. It is outright ridiculous. $50 USD for a T-Rex, easily the most famous dinosaur of the game/movie? You have to be smoking crack to want to pay $50 real USD for a digital dinosaur. I also spent over 250k in coins to evolve a dino to level 21 and it is by no means one of the more expensive ones. I spent 100k coins just to get past 1 DNA bar!! The game is great but these costs are outrageous. If they did things for 1/4 of the cost they currently do, 10x the people would actually buy it. And 99 dino bucks just to get a limited edition sea creature’s DNA is ridiculous. Everytime I see there is a limited edition sea creature, I send out the 2 buck expedition and the limited edition one is always in the 3rd spot. Ive been playing this game since it came out. I even restarted my park when I switched phones. I am about ready to quit if there isnt a major update on these issues soon.


    Dinosaurs I have that are not listed here are Pachyrhinosaurus, Yutyrannus and Ouranosuarus. I have 33 dinosaurs, the only 1 I appear not to have is the Carnotaurus, how do I get this? I have max level 55, it’s costing me around 450k to expand, is it worth it?


    I have been playing this game for quite awhile and I have a few issues I would like to point out.
    1. Premium dinosaurs are way too much money. I don’t mind spending a few dollars now and then for a game I like, but there is no way I am paying $20-$50 for a single dinosaur. The very fact that you have such expensive premium items makes me think about deleting the app.
    2. I am stuck on a few quests because they require me to level up or feed more carnivores and I have already maxed out all the free carnivores. You need to either release more free carnivores or change the quests.
    3. If your programming creates different odds of receiving new DNA samples based on whether you paid for three chances or just took the single free chance, then your game is a scam. I have been tracking my returns since I noticed this trend. If I just take the free chance, there is roughly a 90% chance that a DNA sample will be found in one of the two I did not pay for. However, if I pay for all three chances, then the return chance drops to 25%!
    4. Are you working on a third park? I know the time period is way off, but an Ice Age based park would be fun.


      Totally agreed, Bannon! I also don’t mind spending a few dollars in games I like (and in fact I have done so), but this one is ridiculous. U$ 50 for a dinosaur? Seriously how many people did buy the T-Rex? If it was, like, 1,99, loads of people would buy it. Maybe 4,99 at most (then I would THINK about it).
      Now, last weekend they had the Geosaurus and I decided I had to get it. So I kept sending 5-buck expeditions,and I did so SEVEN times, with no success. With the other limited editions, almost every single time I sent a free expedition I would get a DNA in the third capsule, but whenever I chose to pay 5 bucks, then I would NEVER get a DNA (I did get a Sea Scorpion somehow, but that’s the only one). That’s really a SCAM.
      So what do we have? (1) A game in which: I’ve been lvl 55 for a while (so, no incentives to keep doing those stupid missions). I don’t even have incentives to evolve my dinos, because maybe in a next update I will have to evolve them again as missions to get to level 60 and it would suck to have them already maxed out. (2) over 60 million coins, but I have nothing to do with those. For everything I still don’t have, I have to spend bucks, coins are worthless. I can’t even change, say, 1 million coins for a single buck. The coins are really worthless for me now. (3) many dinos I still don’t have, but I also don’t have any perspective of getting those. Spending 50 real dollars to get a T-Rex? No thanks. Sending 7 straight 5-buck sea expeditions and get NO new DNA? No thanks, never again. I would rather spend money in the freaking lottery, which seems to get me better odds.
      So why the hell should I keep playing this stupid game?
      Just to make it clear in case I already didn’t (and since Ludia’s only language is MONEY): I WOULD pay 1 or 2 dollars for a dino, and THOUSANDS of other players certainly would as well, but 50 dollars? Forget it!


        To get the protosphyraena, for two days straight I used the free expedition, and didnt get it but every time I saw it in the third capsule. Today, the final day to get it, I decided to send out five buck expeditions. After three times, and no luck, I have given up on the game. This is obviously a scam and I won’t get sucked into it any further than I already have.


        You’re absolutely correct. The expeditions are a complete scam. If you use the free one there will ALWAYS be a DNA in one of the other two. If you use any bucks you get nothing.


    The megalodon has got to be in there possibly the greatest sea creature of all time


    I’ve gone up literally 20 levels and still haven’t been able to get the Edmontosaurus to unlock when clearing brush or rocks from new park areas. This thing has to be bugged. It’s been at least 2 months of constant clearance, and I’ve been wanting to save what I can for some extra atmosphere, like the two pre-made “random” parks did. FIX IT ALREADY.


      Any luck with finding the Edmontosaurus? I’m now on level 41 and have cleared heaps of land for a month now and have found no new amber for it. Just wondering what it took for you to find it and what level were you at? is it something to do with levelling up too quickly? At what level did everyone else who played the game in the earlier days find the Edmontosaurus?


    Is 55 the max level at the moment?


    Im lvl 55 ive beat the game completely i love the game i actually have every dinosuar inthe game there is 57 that i have top and bottom all together but a new update wld be nice all i got left to do is evolve and almost done that i finally got the t rex and it is a
    Little outrageuos even half off but a freind got it
    For me for a b day costed him 12 dollars lol but seriously UPDTE NOW PLZ


    Jeux très cool.


    They should add a liopleurodon


    It does suck that you have to spend that much money for a flippn T-Rex (I can’t lie, I did buy it! SMDH!) the one thing that REALLY bothers me about the game (besides the glitches) is when they tell you, “you have X amount of days to find whatever creature”, you spend $5/expeditions and still can’t get it!! Grrrr! I did that 4-5X’s- spending $5/expedition (WITH getting the expeditions to go out sooner and no luck!!) yeah wasn’t too happy about that! Smh…like others, have better luck hitting the free expedition… Idk if its “set-up” or what, but they need to fix that! Especially when you’ve used really money!


    Do you know how to friend people to exchange gifts?


    i think it time they added sum new dino’ my park getting bigger but not any new ambers for a while now.
    sum idea that may be good: dodo bird, saber toothed tiger, wooly mammoth,Darwinopterus,liopleurodon, titanoboa,Anhanguera,sloth,ichtyosaurus,Quetzalcoatlus. just i few that i think wood be goo to add


    I think the underwater section has become to costly for very little in return. I waste money when I’m trying to evolve the dino’s at lease 15 X (amt). The cost of decorations is ridiculous and you need more than 1 of each ???? The millions you spend in gold coins…the game is now boring due to costs. The time take for a dino to hatch/evolve takes days ????


    I TOTALLY AGREE!! I enjoy the game but some/ALOT of parts to it is sooooo unnecessary! Like the envolving of the creatures! Even if they wanted you to do that OK, but why in the heck do you have to wait 3-5 days for them to hatch?!? Really! LOL
    I was pissed my last envolving, literally cost me 1 million coins!! (I can say that never happened before!) I had 300,000- 500,000 which ticked me off but a million?!? Seriously!… Now I’m at the level where it states to have 40 Dino stars!!! Lets just say that will be the VERY LAST thing I do! Lol (basically when I’m bored and theres nothing else to do lol)… Another thing, (yes I’m venting lol) I have like 4 underwater creatures to get and I expanded the park literally 8X’s and can’t count the number of expeditions that went out!! STILL NO CREATURE!! What the heck?!! SMDH


    I’ve been playing this game for nearly half a year now and been loving it. However I refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of money for ‘special’ dinos and decorations. It’s beyond stupid to pay $50 to get a t-Rex and its downright insulting for Ludia to expect it. $1.99 to 4.99? Sure, I’d pay that even though I can get full iphone games for that much.
    If there was an option to convert coins to bucks then things would be different too. Even if its 1 million coins for 10 bucks. That doesn’t seem unreasonable especially since they want 100 in game bucks for 1.2mil coins.


    You have to add people through Facebook to get help with DNA and gifts.

    If you have or had a loading/logging in problem please check out my Page.
    Like it, Share it. Ty


    TOTALLY AGREE with your comment!! Especially about the part about getting Dino bucks from accumulating coins! I’ve BEEN sayn they should have that option! Especially when everything cost so flippn much! Smh!
    Love the game!! HOWEVER, ALOT of changes should be considered!


    As they have said. I actually understand not being possible to exchange coins for bucks, as they want us to spend real money. But c’mon, 50 US dollars for a dino? For that money I can buy 10 very good complete games for iPad. And the DNA system for the underwater park is really a scam. Nearly everytime you send the free expedition, there’s a DNA in the other 2 capsules, but when you do pay 5 bucks, it’s very hard to get a DNA. I’ve done SEVEN expeditions for 5 bucks each (that’s 35 bucks) and got NO DNA. So, what’s the point of spending bucks to get a SLIGHT chance of getting a DNA? Or spending 349 bucks to buy the DNA after you sent the free expedition?
    I also agree about the dino evolving process being too costly for the little returns, over 5 days for a dino to hatch is ridiculous. And what about those dumb missions, like getting 1,000 museums or 10,000 of the same plant? (BTW, the decorations are also too costly for little return, like the Active Volcano). I do have over 90 million coins now (have reached 99,999,999 and then started spending at will since I can’t go beyond 100 million), but there should be new items to buy. And what’s the point of fulfilling missions, now that I am level 55 and the XP points are worthless? The XP should at least be accumulated, so that when (IF) there is a new update allowing higher levels, you would get back the XP. I have actually been AVOIDING to complete the missions, so that, if there’s an update, then I will easily complete them and get XP and level up…


      Just my two cents:
      I’m new in the game, but I’m already starting to fell overwhelmed. As stated above several times, the real money cost of the game is to much. The freemium formula is excellent, when well used. I already spent 6,99 dollars on this game, and although the return was good, I noticed (checking this site) that its just the tip of the iceberg (and I don’t intend to sink for it). I already gave up on both the underwater and the ice age parks (not even reached the last one).

      I play the snoopy street fair for a long time, mostly cause I like this sim/building kind of game, and when I noticed a Jurassic park themed one, I was really glad.

      In the end, I always go back to snoopy, cause they have a lot of really good bucks sales, and their buck costs itens are not expensive. And even the free bucks method is quite good (2 per level up and 5 at each 5 days played).After all, I must have spent a lot of dollars on it, thru several months playing it.

      Well, not gonna stop playing your game, it’s amazing and nice and I love dinosaurs, but I will work only on my main park, and sadly, will be missing a few dino’s, it seems.


    It sucks big time ever since the upgrade
    Keeps asking To enter parc name
    Then server error


    Still at level 12 but I am getting there and I reall y want more dinos


    Lvl 49, I play a couple times every day. My Facebook is miles Anderson there is a pic of me and my gf I have a light blue shirt on


    @ Tyler Dyess
    To answer your question about if its “POSSIBLE IF YOU CAN STILL OBTAIN THE MEGALODON AND THE SEA SCORPION…the answer is YES!
    Just as the above comment (Brandon) mentioned, you just have to wait until they restart the cycle….For example, I wanted/tried to get the megalodon and couldn’t get :’-( BUT, then the new cycle musta took place cuz they re-offered it to me and I was able to get it
    So good lucky with all your Dino’s ;-) …(cuz I surely know the DNA are hard to get! Lol)


    when will the app update again, at level 60 can’t Go any further, would’ve thought they would’ve added more than 5 levels to begin with and glacier park is still limited


    Ok, have reached level 60, and like before when stranded at level 55, I was slightly annoyed that all my XP points havn’t carried onto the next level when update was available. Can u please carry all my hard earned XPs to level 61 when it becomes available. Just another question concerning the Brontosaurus, why is it in the park when the animal has never existed. It should be called Apatosaurus by its true name. Since the game likes to state facts true to what is known of these animals, it should lead by example. Sorry to moan but I dislike in-continuity.


    C’mon already and update and show some appreciation for everyone who has been loyal to this game,


    How did you get that much xp? I’m halfway to level 60 and I have no more missions, do I have to keep clearing my park for xp?!


    I like the game and kind of wish I could play on my laptop – there’s probably a version out there just needing a search to find it.
    My issue is the serious lagging. I’m rarely able to access the market without a crash, glitch, or random scrolling. This may be a non-issue on the faster new iPhones, but my device can’t handle it. I have been just dealing with crash after crash but the other day I tried to make an in-game purchase of bucks. The market glitched on me, and I wound up paying $20 rather than the intended $5 without having a confirmation window to go through either due to glitch or because I’d bought a track in iTunes shortly before. The faulty app charged me $15 more than I intended likely just because of lag and Ludia’s official stance is that no refunds will be given. A later glitch erased the bucks I was charged for, but I certainly didn’t get my real money back.
    Crazy thing is I wind up continuing to play since I wound up spending the money when I really should just delete the thing…


    Patience generally pays off: have reached level 60 and wouldn’t have spent more than $10 over playing the game for 8-mths. Maxed most of JP, getting there with AP but have a real issue with GP: only 2 carnivores & 3 herbivores all maxed; have expanded areas but not seeing any more DNA for weeks (meaning many expeditions); am around 300k meat alone. What’s happening with GP (Glacier Park)? I know there are plenty more creatures, courtesy of viewing via Random Park but why is the park not progressing? There also hasn’t been any more missions on GP for weeks??
    On another note: don’t have Facebook acct but stuck with Facebook Merge popup, incessantly since last update: will it ever go away?


    I’m level 43 in this game but I’m confused as to why I can only unlock up to the Uintatherium in the glacier park while random parks have a lot more animals I can’t get


    I agree that most of the costs for the cash dinosaurs are too high. But one thing i would like to see is more information on the dinosaurs you have,


    is there a way to get into contact with the makers of this game? My game glitched or some sort and after spending around 50$ on purchasable items it removes all my dinosaurs and cleared area’s leaving me with nothing but my level 22…


    I have this on my IPad and play daily. Today it won’t load. How do I get help?


    love the game but i’ve noticed it’s getting very expensive especially in that glacier park!!!!!! plus the sea dinos are getting pricey too. if u miss a rare dino do they come back around? why is the t rex pink!!!! also why does it take forever for some buildings and dinos to hatch!!!!


    PLEASE add titanaboa


    I have one ice age animal yesterday,Macraouchenia
    is very expensive. i just have 354.234 gold coins.does the game release the limited time dinosaurs in low money.


    I want a terror bird and gastornis in the glacier park


    ik kan niet in de onderwaterwereld hoe kan dat nou dan jo


    I am on level 60 and have cleared all the land and brush out, but I have one dinosaur whos amber has not been found. How do I find his amber if there is no more brush to clear???? Can someone please help me with this question.


    i’ve cleared all the forest in all three parks but no amber found. for aquatic, i only have 17 out of 30 and i’m at the level 60…. trying more than 30x expedition have no luck too. any other chance to get amber?


    I wonder if Jurassic park builder will have a hesperonis.


    This is a really great game – very fun! The costs of items and dinosaurs however is entirely too much! I have used as many of the TapJoy free offers that I can without giving out my credit card information, or signing myself up for a lifetime of junkmail and spam…..but still, the amount of Bucks required to buy certain decorations and buildings is insane! I’ve been playing for about 1 month and I am at level 26 but things are starting to get really hard already. I absolutely REFUSE to spend real money on a computer game, except for maybe $1.99 here or there. So I will just play as much as I can and get as much free stuff as I can, and that will be it! I enjoy clearing forest and rearranging decorations and dinosaurs just for the fun of it, so if I don’t get all the dinos, or none of the special edition ones, I don’t really care. I bought a couple of them with Bucks when they were on 50% off specials, but I can’t afford the T-Rex or Stegasauras. One thing that helped me a LOT was I took advantage of the TapJoy offer to buy WEN Hair Cair while they were running a 2x Bucks deal. So I was credited 349 Bucks for spending $29.99 on WEN Hair Care….BUT, that was something I’ve been wanting to buy for 2 years now and just kept putting it off, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I have friends that use WEN and swear by it. So that was a great opportunity for me to get something I’ve wanted for a long time, and to get 349 free Bucks. I spent those to buy 2 limited edition Dinos and I still have 100 of those Bucks left.


    The tap joy site has options every week to earn free bucks. Just keep an eye on it. They will offer apps where you just have to open them and run them to get the points. Then you can delete it. I make all my bucks that way and have been able to get all the dinos.


    Hello, I am new to JPB. Downloaded this game a few weeks ago. Please anyone, answer a couple questions for me. How do you add friends? How do you get help with research costs? This game is getting expensive. Especially the research costs for the Limited Edition dinosaurs.


    I researched “Apatosaurus” but i don’t find it in the market.


    The t-rex is the only Dino left to get, I only have 5 Dion bucks and it cost 490 is there anyway I can get it without Buying dino bucks? Anybody know of a cheat that doesn’t involve any surveys On a non routed phone??


    i like this list, now i know how many coins i need to have to buy a allosaurs


    I realise you are all talking about dinosaurs on here but what I would like are some friends to help me play this game. I can be found as torndragon on Facebook for those of you who are kind enough to invite me and add themselves to mine. Thank you for reading.


    What about ourannosaurus and other dinosaurs that starts with a “p”? It appeared in Jurassic Park. Add them to your list. Including a limited dinosaur a yutyrannus?


    I am at level 62 and am starting to thing I have all the dinos Im going to get up on the main island… How depressing!!!! Why cant we play the part of scientist and take DNA from the dinos we have and evolve a whole new species – if there aren’t going to be any more dinos on the island… Ice Age dinos is not! Jurassic Park! I love the island and that is where I spend all my time – trying and trying to get more dinos… WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO GET MORE DINOS FOR THE ISLAND!!!!!!???????


    You should make the limited edition dinosaurs appear every time there available


    I need the Tyrannosaurus Rex then I will stop playing on the Jurassic park and carry on with the aquatic park and glacier park.


    has anybody ever bought dino bucks and get charged for it but they never show up? i don’t know who to contact


    Im on level 17. And for some reason i cant collect coins from my dinosaura nor buildings in the jurrasic park. I can do it in the acuatic park but thats it… has this happened to someone else and it has how did you fix it??


    Your Comment


    The game needs at least 3 more Dino’s so we need to Expand the parks even more.


    There is something wrong with my game. I can´t collect money from my dinosaurs and my harbor is producing food all the time but I havn´t ordered any food. Do I have to restart the game?

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