Jul 262013

Three amazing new creatures are back in Jurassic Park Builder for you to collect and obtain in your Jurassic, Aquatic, or Glacier park! Available for only 72 hours this week, get either the Carnotaurus, Megalodon, or the Smilodon into your game. Or get them all for each park!

Carnotaurus Available for 72 Hours on the Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Builder Carnotaurus

The Carnotsaurus is back and is available for 72 hours to obtain in the Jurassic Park Section of the game. If you’ve missed getting this dinosaur the first time around then this may be the time for you to get the dinosaur and have

Megalodon Available for 72 Hour on the Aquatic Park

The highly sought after Megalodon is now available for 72 hours again to obtain in your game! Specifically the Aquatic Park section.

Smilodon Available for 72 hours on the Glacier Park

JJP Smilodon

Did you want a Sabre-toothed Cat? Well the Smilodon, is one of those Sabre tooth tigers you want in your game and is available now for a limited time. This is the first release and is one of the most amazing creatures to have in anyone’s Glacier Park. So be sure to get it while you still can!

Please keep in mind that all of these creatures are only available for a limited time and once the creature leaves you will no longer be able to obtain them until next time. If you’ve already found them they will stay in your game unless you choose to sell them.

Carnotsaurus, Megalodon, Smilodon Available for 72 hours!

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The Archelon in Jurassic Park Builder is an underwater dinosaur that was released on June 7, 2013 into the game. This creature is only available in the underwater park for your Jurassic Park Builder game for a limited time.

“The word Archelon is greek for “ruling turtle”.” - Information


Buying Price: 86,550 Cash
Feed Type: Crustaceans
Egg Wait: 06:02:57

Research 1: 25,000
Research 2: 35,000
Research 3: 50,000


The Archelon is a dinosaur found in the game Jurassic Park Builder and has special evolution stages that makes this dinosaur an interesting addition to your Jurassic Park Builder game.

Like all dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder, you must get the Amber of the specific dinosaur then research it to unlock the dinosaur into your market. To get Amber, you must clear the forests and stones in your game for a chance to harvest these precise fossils.

Once you have purchased the Archelon into your Jurassic Park, he will begin at evolution 1 as a baby. As you feed your dinosaur with crop or meat the dinosaur will grow. He evolves at level 5 into an adult to his form or evolution 1. Once this evolution reaches its maximum at level 10 he will be able to evolve into his evolution #2 through researching.

Once he evolves into his evolution #2 in the research center, he will become a baby again. Upon doing this you must feed him once again until level 15 where he will evolve into his adult form. After reaching level 20 you will be able to research and evolve your dinosaur again at level 20 where he will evolve into his last form or evolution.

After his evolution at level 20 he will become a baby again but in an entirely new form with a new coloring and much more earning compared to the previous. He will evolve once again at level 25 into his evolution 3 form.

Jun 012013

The Yutyrannus is back this week for a limited time in your Jurassic Park! The promo is available for 72 hours so be sure to get it now if you haven’t collected one in your game.

Yutyrannus is a genus of tyrannosauroid theropod dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous of China. Three specimens of Yutyrannus huali found in the fossil beds of Liaoning Province are currently the largest known dinosaur fossils that preserve direct evidence of feathers.

This land walking dinosaur can be purchased for 119 cash in the market during this time, and there is an expiration date that’ll let you know when the creature will be removed from the market.

Yutyrannus is back for Jurassic Park Builders 1



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