Jul 242014

A new update has been released with the battle Arena Tournament now available to players around the world. Experience the new update with all new design and the Tournament mode that allows you to battle against players around the world. You’ll also have a chance to battle with your Aquatic creatures in an all out Aquatic battle! So if you haven’t been visiting your Jurassic Park Builder app game then this is the time to do so and get the new update for these brand new features for your game. Check out below for more information.

What’s New in Version 4.2.16

The Battle Arena Tournament is now available:

• Challenge other players, win Prizes and Trophies based on your wins and make your way through the League system.
• Introducing Aquatic Battles with the Tournament mode along with Park Battles!
• New combat system for Aquatic Battles: choose the most optimal attacks to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.
• Feed your Dinosaurs to increase their statistics and make them stronger in combat.
• New missions are also available in your Jurassic, Aquatic, and Glacier Parks.
• Continue earning more experience points and achieve up to Level 80.
• Rebalancing of the difficulty of Battles in solo mode.
• Bug fixes for overall game performance that help improve your experience in the game.
• Game now available in Japanese.

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The Jurassic Park Builder dev team

Dec 152013

The Battle Arena for Jurassic Park Builder has been unleashed to the world of Dino Collectors and now you can train your dinosaurs to battle against other dinosaurs in a 1 on 1 battle for victory!  Battle as your favorite fearsome dinosaur from the Jurassic section of the game with most dinosaurs available and ready to tackle the stages ahead.


To use dinosaurs for battle, simply enter the Battle section of the game. Select the stage you want to battle then select 1-3 dinosaurs into your team for battle. You can have 1 dinosaur, or 3 dinosaurs or even 2 dinosaurs. It’s completely up to you.


There are two different attack for each dinosaurs. You can use the normal or basic attack which will give a basic attack on the enemy or use the “Special” attack. The special attack cost premium currency which can only be used in the battle arena section of the game and is also used for this special  attack.


Select the dinosaur you want to battle with then once in battle select basic attack or special attack. You will also be given the opportunity to block which will cost special currency each time you block.














Dec 072013

Have you seen the battle area that is coming soon? Well then it’s time to take a look at the upcoming feature heading to Jurassic Park Builder near you today! The new Battle Arena is expected to be arriving into player’s game soon with the new update and this will usher in a brand new era of gaming for the Jurassic Park Builder game.

Jurassic Park Builder Battle Arena


Players can expect that the new battle arena will feature a full 3D arena where your dinosaurs will battle on a 1 v 1 challenge and see who will come out as the king of all Dinosaurs.


In the sneak preview video below, you will see that there are special unique animations for Jurassic Park Builder dinosaurs as they complete their attacks. This not just the same old attacks you see in some games to just have a battle arena. In this new update for Jurassic Park Builder  you’re going to get cool new animation attacks for dinosaurs you have. And you’ll only be able to see these attack in battle.


In the video you will see that you can select up to 3 team members in a fight and that means you can pick the dinosaurs you already own.

Official Sneak Preview Video

Oct 292013
New Glacier Animals! Kelenken, Megalania, Doedicurus

Jurassic Park Builder has new dinosaurs for players to get! In the Glacier Park section of the game you can find a number of brand new animals that you can collect directly in your Jurassic Park Builder game. Try out the new Megalania, an amazing new lizard, andhow about the Kelenken that is similar to [Read More...]

Oct 122013
Amargasaurus & Colossal Squid is back for 72 Hours Oct 11-13

Amargasaurus is found in the Jurassic Park section and can be found then purchased using bucks in the game that you can either collect or purchase through the development team. The Colossal Squid is also back and swims in the sea of Jurassic Park’s Aquatic Park section of the game, both only available for 72 [Read More...]